Sunday morning worship is the central focus of the gathered Valleyview community. We gather to bring praise to God and apply God’s message to our lives in a practical way. Also of vital importance is the sharing of our worship experience with each other as fellow-believers.

Children, youth and adults are all invited to participate in various ways on Sunday mornings. Our worship involves many persons from the congregation: in Scripture reading, ushering, providing the children’s story, singing, playing instruments, leading worship and speaking (sermon or meditation).

We welcome you to join Sunday morning at 10:00 am.   If you were to visit you would see worshippers wearing a variety of clothes. Some of us come to worship in jeans and t-shirts and others come wearing suits or dresses. In winter many of us wear sweaters and in summer some of us wear shorts. We invite you to come wearing whatever would make you comfortable in worshipping God.


When you come to Valleyview you can expect a congregation that likes to sing. Although we sing a variety of styles of music, our most common music is the hymn, sung in four parts and led by a song-leader. Normally we sing with piano accompaniment and sometimes other instruments enrich our singing. We sing from Hymnal: a Worship Book, Sing the Journey and Sing the Story, all published by MennoMedia.

Three to four times a year we have an evening Taize worship service where we sing the marvellous music of the Taize community of France to help focus our prayer.

We also enjoy choral music as a congregation. Our men’s choir has grown to include members from outside our congregation and sings at a variety of events in the London area. Every Advent we also have a choral worship service to celebrate Christmas.


We share in the Lords supper seven times during the course of the year. In the Mennonite tradition, we welcome anyone who has made a public confession of faith in Christ to join us in this time of communion, regardless of the faith tradition from which they come. We share together bread and grape juice as a symbolic remembrance of the saving work of Jesus Christ. Acknowledging that everyone is on a journey of faith, grapes are also available as a sign of God’s love for all who want to come and take them, including children. Gluten-free bread is available for those with wheat allergies.

Communion is a central act of our faith. Therefore, at Valleyview we have decided to connect it with a tangible expression of our understanding of Christ’s love and care for all God’s people. On communion Sunday’s we receive an additional offering of material goods for one of four local agencies working with the economically disadvantaged of our city.


Special seasons of the year include Lent and Advent, with Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve being highlight events. In December there is a carol service to celebrate the Christmas season in word and song.We also celebrate Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday, Pentecost, World Communion Sunday, Thanksgiving, Peace Sunday and Eternity Sunday.    Once during the summer we have an outdoor worship service in one of our city parks.

In addition to services within the congregation, Valleyview provides worship several times a year to the residents of Kensington Village, a long-term care facility in our north-east London neighbourhood.