As part of our emphasis on discipleship and living out our faith as well as our focus on peace and social justice, we are involved in a number of organizations and activities outside our congregation.  In a recent survey, respondents listed 52 different places where they volunteered.  Listed below are some of places where we as a congregation have particular involvements.


In October of 2008, Valleyview joined together with a number of other area churches and groups to form a community lunch and fellowship program known as Welcome Wednesday.  Located at the Salvation Army at 310 Vesta Avenue in London, Welcome Wednesday provides a nutritious meal as well as the opportunity for fellowship and games to anyone who wants to come.


Mennonite Central Committee is the relief and development arm of the North American Mennonite Church.   MCC seeks to demonstrate God’s love throughout the world by working among people suffering from poverty, conflict, oppression and natural disaster. MCC strives for peace, justice and the dignity of all people by sharing our experiences, resources and faith in Jesus Christ.


As part of our commitment to Peace and Justice, a number of Valleyviewers participate in Christian Peacemaker Teams.  CPT is an organization that strives for Biblically based and spiritually centered peacemaking through actions such as public witness, nonviolent direct action, and protection of human rights.


The London Community Chaplaincy is the merger of Southdale Chaplaincy and Limberlost Chaplaincy.

The Southdale Chaplaincy is an ecumenical community ministry in the heart of the publicly subsidized housing complex at the corner of Southdale Road East and Millbank Drive in the southeast corner of London.  Through the work of the chaplain and many volunteers, they focus on strengthening families and providing programs to school age children.

The Limberlost Chaplaincy strives to be a Christian presence in a multi-faith, multi-cultural community located in a London Housing complex.  The chaplain provides pastoral care as well as a variety of programs and services together with many volunteers.


Agape Fellowship is a small congregation that meets at Valleyview for worship and fellowship on Sundays in the late afternoon and over supper.  Many of the worshippers are socially disadvantaged and they have created an important place of community.


Daya Counselling Centre is a multi-faith based community agency that provides individual, couple, and family counselling services.  They strive to to help people achieve their full potential by providing counselling and education programs that respect their human and spiritual nature.


Valleyviewers have gone on a number of service trips together to other parts of North America.  Often these trips have included youth.  Volunteering in other locations helps us to see situations and needs in a way that we don’t necessarily in our own city.  In the past few years, Valleyviewers have gone on service trips to Chicago and Atlanta as part of the DOOR program and to New Orleans with Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS).